Scooter Puppet

Scooter Puppet – Your Dose of Whimsical Humor!

Scooter Puppet – The Embodiment of Laughter and Spontaneity!

Hey, all you SML fans, get ready to welcome the iconic goofball of the series, Scooter, into your puppet collection! Bursting with boundless energy and an unmatched flair for comedic timing, the Scooter Puppet is here to add a splash of hilarity and lightheartedness to your puppetry adventures.

  • The Comedic Whirlwind: Scooter is your very own burst of sunshine, bringing unapologetic humor and delightful nonsense to every gathering. His infectious laughter and goofball antics are sure to keep the fun alive, making every moment an unforgettable laughter fest.
  • The Innocent Prankster: With a heart as big as his smile, Scooter is the loveable prankster who lights up the room with his innocent yet hysterically funny jokes. His naive charm and quirky personality are bound to win over hearts, bringing joy and merriment wherever he goes.
  • A Splash of Vibrancy: Infuse your puppet collection with a splash of vibrancy as Scooter arrives with his unique flair and comic genius. His spontaneous style and captivating antics promise a whirlwind of laughter and joy, making him a cherished addition to your vibrant SML puppet family.

Don’t Delay; Start Your Joyous Journey with Scooter Puppet by Your Side Now!

Product Description:

Join the hilarious escapades of the SuperMarioLogan series with the unmissable Scooter Puppet, a recent star at the SML Merch store! Known for his quirky sense of humor and distinctive catchphrases, this puppet is ready to be the life of your party, offering belly laughs and quirky adventures. Whether you’re a die-hard SML enthusiast or a budding fan, Scooter promises to inject a dose of laughter and spirited fun to your collection.


  • Masterful Craftsmanship: The Scooter Puppet comes to life with premium materials and detailed craftsmanship, perfectly embodying his quirky persona and fun-loving nature that has stolen the show in numerous SML episodes.
  • Long-Lasting Companion: Built with durable materials, this puppet is prepared to accompany you on countless adventures, maintaining its vibrant personality and charm over time.
  • Interactive Fun: Featuring moveable limbs and expressive features, this puppet is all set to enable you to enact hilarious scenes from the SML series or craft your unique, laughter-filled narratives.
  • For Fans of Every Age: The Scooter Puppet holds a universal appeal, making it a treasured addition for SML fans of all ages, ready to spread joy and laughter wherever it goes.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Crafted with high-quality plush fabric and durable stitching, offering a comfortable and enduring experience.
  • Size: 24 Inches. Universal size, ensuring a snug fit for puppeteers of all ages.
  • Accessories: Accompanied by Scooter’s signature accessories, heightening the realism and excitement of your puppet-play endeavors.
  • Safety: Meets all safety standards, promising a safe and delightful playtime for all participants.
  • Embark on a Joyous Journey!

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Seize the moment and add a touch of whimsy to your SML puppet collection with the incomparable Scooter Puppet. Your puppetry narratives are about to get a hilarious upgrade! Ideal for puppet shows, as a distinctive gift, or simply to enjoy a period of imaginative fun, this puppet serves as your gateway to a universe filled with humor, excitement, and unbounded adventures.

Note: A must-have for enthusiasts who adore the comedic twists and vibrant characters of the SuperMarioLogan series.