SML Puppet Collection

SML Puppet Bundle: A Festival of Fun & Frolic

Ultimate SML Puppet Collection – Your Gateway to Endless Fun and Laughter!

Hold tight because the SML Merch Store is about to sweep you off your feet with the SML Puppet Collection that personifies animated chaos and boundless fun! Get ready to invite a riot of personalities into your home as Jeffy, Jeffy’s Dad, Cody, Joseph, and Junior come together in one unbeatable bundle, promising countless hours of laughter, adventure, and a sprinkle of dad vibes.

  • Jeffy – The Unstoppable Force of Hilarity: Dive into the world of Jeffy, a character whose antics never fail to bring a hearty laugh. Whether it’s his fearless approach to life or his unexpected insights, a day with Jeffy is never a dull one.
  • Jeffy’s Dad – The Grumpy Guardian of Serenity: Here comes the ultimate epitome of “dad vibes” – Jeffy’s Dad! He may be constantly grumbling and yearning for a quiet moment, but deep down, he can’t resist being part of the animated adventures that unfold.
  • Cody – The Intellectual Charm: Step into the world of Cody, the puppet with a brainy charm and a heart that’s just as big. With his smart comments and love for theoretical mathematics, Cody is here to add a touch of intellect to your puppet squad.
  • Joseph – The Dynamic Sport Aficionado: Get ready for Joseph, the puppet that embodies zest and confidence. With a deep love for basketball and an unwavering optimism, Joseph is the perfect addition to bring a dynamic and sporty flair to your puppetry adventures.
  • Junior – The Sprightly Frolicker: Last but certainly not least, welcome Junior, the puppet that brings a vibrant energy to any gathering. With a joyful spirit and a penchant for mischief, Junior is here to ensure that the fun never stops.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of SML with this unbeatable puppet bundle, offering you an array of characters that promise endless laughter and fun. Grab yours today, and let the puppetry adventures begin!

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Product Description:

Step into the wild and whimsical world of SuperMarioLogan with the all-encompassing puppet bundle, bringing together the beloved characters that have won hearts around the globe! Get ready to dive into a universe of laughter, fun, and adorable mischief with the Jeffy, Jeffy’s Dad, Cody, Joseph, and Junior puppets, each crafted with precision and passion to offer an authentic SML experience.


  • Spectacular Craftsmanship: Each puppet in this bundle is a masterpiece, showcasing detailed craftsmanship that brings to life the unique characteristics and quirky traits of these much-loved internet sensations.
  • A Riot of Personalities: From Jeffy’s unapologetic hilarity to Cody’s intellectual charms, the puppet bundle is a riot of personalities, offering endless imaginative play and storytelling opportunities.
  • Quality Materials: Made with top-notch materials that are built to last, these puppets promise years of entertainment and joy, becoming cherished additions to your collection.
  • For Fans of All Ages: Whether you are introducing a new generation to the delightful world of SML or are a longtime aficionado yourself, this bundle caters to fans across the spectrum, promising laughter and enjoyment for everyone.
  • Safety Assurance: In line with industry standards, all puppets are manufactured with non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and worry-free playtime.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Premium quality plush fabric coupled with durable stitching.
  • Size: Universal fit suitable for both kids and adults to enjoy.
  • Accessories: Each puppet has signature accessories, enhancing the authenticity and fun.
  • Safety: Conforms to safety regulations, offering peace of mind for all users.

Unleash the Fun!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a treasure trove of laughter and joy. The puppet bundle serves as a gateway to a world brimming with adventures, antics, and a lot of heart. Whether you are planning a puppet show, seeking the perfect gift, or expanding your collection, this bundle is your ticket to a realm of endless smiles and belly laughs. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with this fantastic puppet gang, where fun knows no bounds!

Note: Recommended for fans who appreciate the diverse and entertaining narrative woven by the characters of the SuperMarioLogan series.