Cody Puppet

Cody Puppet – Your Portal to Endless Wit and Laughter!

Cody Puppet – The Brainy Heartthrob of Puppet World!

Hey there, who’s this dazzling intellect making a grand entrance in the SML store? None other than the buffed-up version of Cody the Puppet, bringing a splash of brains and brawn to your collection! Don’t miss out on boosting your SML puppet collection with this smart yet cool new addition. Grab your Cody today!

  • The Scholarly Charmer: He’s a remarkable blend of intellect and quirky charm, often daydreaming about romance’s mysteries.
  • The Mathematical Maestro: An enthusiast of theoretical mathematics, he delights in unraveling complex problems during leisure time.
  • The Tea Party Evangelist: With a firm belief in the harmonizing power of tea parties, he envisions them as the universal remedy to all dilemmas!

Why Hold Back? Snatch Cody now for Intellectual Giggles and Endless Antics!

Product Description:

Greetings, SML aficionados! Brace yourselves to usher in the pinnacle of intellect and wit into your living room with our one-of-a-kind Cody Puppet! This exquisite creation, designed with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, embodies the sharp-witted and often sarcastic character that has stolen hearts on the YouTube platform. Be you a long-time Cody fan or a newcomer to the SML domain, this puppet is a surefire way to ignite bursts of laughter and spirited discussions.


  • Handcrafted Brilliance: Each Cody Puppet is artfully designed to showcase the distinctive traits that have made Cody a beacon of intellect and humor in the world of internet comedy. With his iconic glasses and expressive facial features, get ready to embrace Cody in all his nuanced glory!
  • Durability: Constructed with first-rate materials promising resilience, guaranteeing you a companion in crafting numerous Cody adventures for the long haul.
  • Expressive & Engaging: This puppet is adorned with movable limbs and a remarkably expressive face, paving the way for you to depict Cody’s most iconic moments or invent your own comical sketches.
  • For Cody Devotees of All Ages: Whether you are introducing the young ones to Cody’s analytical world or you’re an ardent follower yourself, this puppet serves as a delightful addition for anyone seeking a dose of intellect coupled with laughter.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality plush fabric fortified with enduring stitching.
  • Size: Accommodates both children and adults, offering a universal appeal for puppet enthusiasts of varied ages.
  • Accessories: Includes Cody’s signature accessories, encompassing his distinctive glasses and vibrant outfits.
  • Safety: Produced using non-toxic materials, complying with all stringent safety protocols.

Step into the World of Intellectual Comedy

Dive into the riveting universe of SuperMarioLogan with your personal Cody puppet. Perfect for a thoughtful puppet show, a cherished gift, or a buddy to accompany you on Cody’s YouTube escapades, this puppet acts as your gateway to a realm brimming with wit and laughter. Secure yours today and venture into a world of intellectual comedy!

Note: This product caters to those who relish the blend of intellect and humor that Cody brings to the SuperMarioLogan series.