Jeffy Phone Grip

Jeffy Phone Grip – Your Handy Accessory for a Laugh!

Dive right into the quirky and humorous world of Jeffy with this functional and amusing Jeffy phone grip! The ‘What Doin’? Jeffy’s design is not just a treat for the fans but also a perfect conversation starter. Gift it to the Jeffy aficionados in your life, and watch them burst into laughter every time they use it.

‘Why You Do That?’ SML Jeffy PopSockets – Your Playful Passport to the SML Galaxy!


  • Versatile and Functional: Designed to help you hold your phone at any angle, it can also be a handy stand for a hassle-free video-watching experience.
  • Swappable Top: Customize your grip according to your mood or outfit with the PopGrip’s swappable top feature.
  • Wireless Charging Compatible: The grip doesn’t interfere with wireless charging if the top is removed, making it a must-have accessory for modern smartphones (not compatible with Apple MagSafe wireless charger or MagSafe wallet).
  • Easy Repositioning: Comes with an advanced adhesive that allows easy removal and repositioning on most devices and cases, ensuring that you can adjust it at your convenience.

Note: It may not stick to silicone, waterproof, or highly textured cases and is most effective on smooth, hard plastic cases.

Gift the Laughter: A fantastic present for the ‘what doing?’ Jeffy fans in your life, guaranteeing a smile with every glance.

So, make your phone-holding experience more enjoyable and fun-filled with the Jeffy PopSockets. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement of humor and style!

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