Jeffy Puppet Sticks

Jeffy Puppet Sticks: Your Handy Gateway to a World of Puppetry Magic!

Unleash the true potential of your puppet shows with Jeffy Puppet Sticks, your essential tool for bringing lifelike movements and a burst of imagination to every puppet performance. These puppet sticks are not just accessories; they are the bridge to a vibrant world where stories come alive with the flick of a wrist.

Jeffy Puppetry Wands – Your Creative Key to Puppetry Excellence!


  • Enhanced Control: Crafted with soft EVA material handles, these marionette rods offer a comfortable grip, ensuring a fun and controlled puppeteering experience.
  • Safe and Durable Design: Made from quality stainless steel, these rods boast a smooth surface with a safety cover, offering kids a safe playtime environment.
  • Fosters Creativity: These puppet sticks are a fantastic way to enhance hand-eye coordination and nurture the vivid imagination of young minds, transforming simple stories into animated and fun experiences.
  • Easy to Use: Designed for simplicity, these sticks can easily hook onto either the left or right hand or wrist of most puppets, paving the way for lively and engaging puppet shows.
  • Versatile Utility: Whether it’s waving, blowing kisses, or playing peekaboo, these puppet sticks add a dynamic layer to puppet shows, making each performance memorable.
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Brand: Jakeei
Material: Metal, EVA
Size: Approximately 16 inches
Color: Silver
Package Includes: 2 x Metal Arm control rods

Dive into a realm of fun and imagination with Jeffy Puppet Sticks, your magical wand to animate stories, foster creativity, and sprinkle joy in every puppet show!