Junior Puppet

Junior Puppet – Your Gateway to Endless Adventures and Giggles!

Junior Puppet Extraordinaire!

The SML Merch Store just leveled up with the entrance of the sensational Junior Puppet! Step into the driver’s seat and witness Junior venturing beyond his usual Chef Pee Pee taunting territory! Seize this vibrant miscreant to round off your legendary SML puppet assortment today.

  • Joyful Dynamo: He epitomizes sprightliness, brimming with joy and a penchant for a good frolic.
  • Playful Virtuoso: A connoisseur of playthings, a staunch ally to his brother Jeffy, and a master spitball marksman to boot.
  • Wise-Hearted Maverick: With a heart as big as his smile, he also understands that sometimes, a grand gesture can be a simple nod instead of a bear hug.

What’s the Wait? Snag Junior now for Daily Laughs and Endless Adventures!

Product Description:

Hey, all you SML aficionados out there! Get ready to usher the brightest star of the internet era right into your living space with our exclusive Junior Puppet! Crafted with top-notch materials and exceptional attention to detail, this puppet is a true manifestation of your favorite YouTube prodigy. Whether you’re a seasoned SML veteran or just embarking on your journey, the Junior Puppet assures laughter and merriment in abundance.


  • Handcrafted Excellence: Every Junior Puppet is diligently created to embody the unique traits that have made Junior a much-loved figure in the online comedy sphere. From his vibrant green bib to his innocent eyes, get ready to experience Junior in all his glory!
  • Durability: Constructed with the finest materials designed to stand the test of time, ensuring you enjoy uncountable adventures and playful moments with Junior for years to come.
  • Expressive & Playful: Our puppet boasts movable limbs and a face brimming with expression, enabling you to recreate Junior’s memorable scenes or invent your hilarious narratives.
  • For Junior Fans of All Ages: Be you initiating the younger generation into the enchanting world of SML or a well-versed enthusiast, this puppet is essential for anyone eager to add a dash of joy to their day.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-grade plush fabric coupled with durable stitching.
  • Size: 13 inches. Suit kids and adults, offering a universal fit for puppeteers of all ages.
  • Accessories: Features Junior’s signature accessories, including his iconic green bib and vibrant personality.
  • Safety: Produced using non-toxic materials, adhering to stringent safety guidelines.

Bring Home the Merriment

Dive deep into the jovial universe of SuperMarioLogan with your very own Junior puppet. Ideal for a side-splitting puppet show, a novel gift, or a buddy to accompany you through SML marathons, this puppet is your golden ticket to a domain filled with laughter and entertainment. Get yours today and kick-start the frolics!

Note: This product is highly recommended for audiences who enjoy the humor and persona of Junior from the SuperMarioLogan series.