Feebee Puppet


Feebee puppet is the female version of Jeffy puppet.
In case you didn’t know, Feebee is Jeffy’s younger sister!

Feebee is made for use and play every day.
The Feebee dolls are 24 inches from tip to toe.
She fits nicely on a kid or adult’s hand!!

It is a real puppet just like in the SML videos.

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Feebee Puppet works flawlessly. Jeffy’s sister comes precisely with whatever you see: a pink helmet, pencil in the nose, glasses, a pink t-shirt with Feebee’s name on it, jeans, baby diaper, and footwear.  You will only need steel rods for manipulation. Check them here.

This really charming Feebee puppet can make a variety of faces. It is snuggly and additionally fantastic to touch. You and also your children will certainly fall in love with this puppet!

Feebee dolls are particularly well made and look really great! Feebee is 24 inches tall. It is suitable for day-to-day play and fits the hand of anyone. Yes, also the adults can have fun with a Feebee puppet!!

Feebee, Jeffy’s sister, is a great puppet! Outer layer of plush fabric, inner layer of 100 percent polyester for hand-insert, packed with PP cotton Non-woven diaper and PU leather shoes.

Who is Feebee Puppet

Feebee Jeffy-Pierre François debuted as Jeffy’s younger and nearly identical sister. Despite her minor involvement in the series, her death significantly impacted her younger brother’s life.

Feebee puppet looks like Jeffy, sporting a pink tank top with her name and a small bee to the side. She wears jean shorts and a diaper. She has brown hair, glasses, and a crayon in her nose.

Feebee was born on August 21, 2004, to world-renowned painter Jacques Pierre Francois and Nancy, along with her twin brother, Jeffy. Jacques had had enough of Nancy’s abuse and left the family, but he made sure to leave Jeffy and Feebee in his will. Nancy and the two of them grew up together. They always wore helmets in the house, most likely to protect themselves from Nancy’s assaults.

Feebee died while learning how to ride a bike in August 2015. Jeffy was traumatized by the tragedy, and believing that wearing a helmet could have saved her, he always resolved to wear his helmet no matter what.

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