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This is an original Jeffy Puppet large size 24″. It is made for use and play every day.
The Jeffy dolls are 24 inches from tip to toe.
This is the larger size puppet. It fits nicely on a child or adult’s hand !!

It is a real puppet just like in the SML videos.

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SML Jeffy Puppet works perfectly. Each Jeffy comes precisely with everything you see in the picture: blue headgear, pencil in the nose, a yellow t-shirt with Jeffy’s name on it, jeans, diaper, shoes. The metal rod for hand manipulation needs to be purchased separately. In addition, the metal puppet arm control rods create lifelike movements. You can buy them here.

This cute Jeffy puppet can make a range of facial expressions. It is snuggly and also pleasing to touch. Therefore, you and your kids will fall in love with the doll!

The very well-made Jeffy dolls look really good! Jeffy is 24 inches. It is built for everyday play and fits the hand of any person. Hence, even the adults can play with a Jeffy puppet !!

Our new Jeffy puppet is a great full-body puppet with an astonishingly smooth moving mouth!

Jeffy comes as shown in the pictures. He is wearing a beautiful yellow t-shirt, jeans shorts, black shoes, and a white diaper!
A blue bicycle helmet covers his brown hair. He has blue eyes and black eyebrows.
SML Jeffy puppet also makes an excellent ventriloquist puppet!

Who is Jeffy?

Jeffy François Wilfred is a student at Y U DUMB? Elementary School.
He is the biological son of Pierre François and Nancy and the adopted son of Mario and Rosalina.
Jeffy had a difficult childhood due to abuse, poor parenting, and education. He lost his sister when he was a child.
Jeffy is the older brother of Feebee and his adopted clone brother Scooter.
But since his biological father Jacques died and Nancy was in jail, Jeffy and Scooter have been adopted by Mario and his wife, Rosalina.

You can also check our smaller version.


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