Small Jeffy Puppet


The small Jeffy puppet stands 15-inch tall. It is a fully functional hand puppet. It can be used the same as the real Jeffy.

Jeffy puppet will bring joy and laughter to your friends and family.

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This really cute small Jeffy puppet can make a range of facial expressions. It is cuddly and fantastic to touch. You and your kids will fall for the puppet!

Jeffy puppets are extremely well made. They look really nice! Small Jeffy is 15 inches and is designed for everyday use. It can fit the hand of any kid or teenager.

The small Jeffy Puppet works very well. Each Jeffy comes exactly with every detail you see in the picture: blue head protection, pen in the nose, a yellow t-shirt with Jeffy’s name on it, blue jeans, nappy, footwear, as well as a metal rod for hand control.


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