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The small Jeffy puppet stands 15-inch tall. It is a fully functional hand puppet. It can be used the same as the real Jeffy.

Jeffy puppet will bring joy and laughter to your friends and family.

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This really cute small Jeffy puppet can make a range of facial expressions. It is cuddly and fantastic to touch. Therefore, you and your kids will fall for the puppet!

Jeffy puppet is extremely well made, and it looks lovely! Small Jeffy is 15 inches and is suitable for everyday use. It can fit the hand of any kid or teenager.

The small Jeffy works very well. It comes precisely with every detail you see in the picture: blue head protection, pen in the nose, a yellow t-shirt with Jeffy’s name on it, blue jeans, nappy, and footwear.

Who doesn’t want to be the proud owner of a Jefy puppet toy? For birthdays, festivals, and parties, Jeffy will be an excellent choice for your children, friends, and parents.

Jeffy is also available in a bigger size.

Why Jeffy puppet is so popular

Jeffy puppets may be a fad these days, owing to the oddity with which this figure was born in the first place. It is a toy that young boys and girls enjoy, despite the fact that the character and its various features make it a controversial icon for children in the eyes of parents.

Jeffy, whose full name is Jeffy Pierre Mario, is a character from the Super Mario Logan franchise who is both an antagonist and an anti-hero. In 2016, Mario the Babysitter starts the character as an enemy. Since then, its odd behavior and appearance have made it popular among the younger generation.

The puppet reflects the cartoon character – a young teenager, with bizarre wardrobe choices and an unusual personality – and is known for being rebellious and foul-mouthed. The character is the son of Jacques Pierre Francois and Nancy; after the death of his dad and his mother went to jail, he became Mario and Rosalina’s adoptive son.


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